Looking for a chance to start a new career?

With Matrix Master, you are a student and teacher at the same time. You will work with REAL developers and find a solution to problems with them. Are you asking yourself what the problems are? Join the courses now

Would you like to become a developer?

Matrix Master helps you to become a programmer in 12 weeks and offer you always the latest knowledge that the market needs. Are you asking how? Check below!

Learn how to solve problems

Matrix Master program teaches you how to inspect a problem, analyze it, and solve it through a code. Sound fantasy right? Check below

Certificate of Completion

As a Matrix Master Student, a Completion certification will be given when you finish the program successfully. You will be guided to get an internship with one of our partner companies.

Learn from anywhere

With this platform, you can either study or teach from anywhere and at any time. Just be online and bring your coffee with you and be ready.

Beginner to Professional

12 weeks of intensive studying with coaching until to become a junior full stack developer. The program is completely free just required your commitment.

Matrix Master will improve your skills

It's a program that guides people from refugees and low-income who are looking for an opportunity to start a new carrier in the tech industry. The program is for 12 intensive weeks and guiding students to become a full stack developer with the possibility of doing an internship with our partner companies.


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Master Day

Full Stack MERN Progam

Enroll the Courses €120.00


Full Stack MERN Progam

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Full Stack MERN Progam

Enroll the Courses €120.00


Full Stack MERN Progam

Enroll the Courses €120.00

Web Fundamentals

Full Stack MERN Progam

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Front End Frameworks

Full Stack MERN Progam

Enroll the Courses €120.00

Education is the foundation upon which we build our future.

Apart from our courses, companies, and senior developers are sharing their experiences with us. Masterclasses will be provided every week with a different topic such as Security and Hacking, Design patterns, Scrum framework, soft skills, communication, and more.

What Our Students Say

My name is Maher from Syria and I am 28 years old, I started learning programming a short time ago at Matrix Master with a group of enthusiastic people, it was a wonderful experience which we learned a lot and I have a field in which I can develop myself and work in it starting from now and I got an internship opportunity with Jaap Jonkers’ campaign at CDA

Maher Marawi

I am Dareen from Syria. I can’t say “thank you” enough to express how grateful I am for the #matrixmasterprogram. You have made such a huge impact on my life. Following the programming course, helping me to find my own way in this new country, a new language, and a new community. Now I have a title in my work journey as a Junior Full-Stack developer. During the course, I learned several valuable lessons. For starters, even though the course has not always been easy I was determined to fully dedicate myself to it and perform my utter best. Furthermore, I have learned how to work in teams, discuss problems, errors, and challenges we faced, and jointly come up with solutions for these challenges. And although the lessons were online, I really appreciate the effort of the master, supervisors to support us to keep moving forward in such a hard time. Finally, I am so happy to share with you my news that I have got my first internship and I am looking forward to keeping developing myself and get a permanent job.

Dareen Zenbarkji

I am from Egypt My ambition is to be a developer in order to get a good job and in the long run, I do my own entrepreneurship because I have followed Matrix Master's program. So far I am doing great also I got wonderful lecturers, always exited and help me, as a group we are helping each other and compete with each other for better. In Matrix Master, I learning how I am being a master and proficient in javascript language and I have basic to complete the learning journey in programming through Matrix program

Ammar Ibrahim

I am from Turkey, I believe that I have the capacity to learn web development programming and master in this area. To be able to get into a new work area I have followed Matrix Program and I like it, I am very motivated for this course. The course is very helpful to me. I learned more knowledge about HTML-CSS-JS-Nodejs (agile, scrum, etc..) and I have achieved what I want to be a Full-Stack Developer.

Ensar Baltas

I find myself really into the computer especially coding thorough Matrix Master and I love it. This course for me is like a full-time job as I practice the whole day. I also found out what my problem is and I can fix it during my practice and the full support from the team. in this course, I have educated my self in a way that I can handle a project and be an independent programmer

Payam Sodagari

I am from Turkey Why do I want to be a developer ; because I think programming is one of the most popular jobs today. Because of that, I have joined the Matrix Master program. My department is also in math. I love to deal with problems and solutions, and here I have solved lots of problems with a code. I got general information about programming, software, and development. I learned to use Git and Github app, Front-end React and Back-end Node. I developed the ability to make simple sites in HTML and CSS and how I should work in a group? My goal in this program was to be a successful web developer by discovering myself and to be a self-sufficient developer and I have achieved it.


From Our Blog


When is the next class starting?

In 2021, there are two classes that will be started, On 22 February and 22 August.

What is MERN Stack?

Its a shortcut of MongoDB, Express, React, Nodejs. It's the most common high demand program wanted in the market.

Can I get a job after this program?

We helps students to get an internship after they graduate. Most of the provide students are working recently.

What is Matrix Master Program ?

The program is for 12 weeks and consists of three parts: Front-end, Advance Front-end, Back-end, and Databases

Is the program only cover hard skills ?

The program have extra masterclasses that covers soft skills, and how to apply for a job.

How much dose the program cost ?

The program is for free. Its just required your commitment.

Any question in mind? Don’t Worry Contact Us.

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  • Addmission are now open

    Matrix Master and Stichting Mano are working together to open the world of web development to a new group of people with promise and talent. Unfortunately, the admission are currently closed .