We don’t teach. We develop what’s already inside you!

Matrix Master is a free 12 intensive weeks program that guides low income people (including: refugees) to start a new career in the tech industry.

A challenging era where you can learn and grow equally.

Matrix Master and Stichting Mano are working together to open the world of web development talented.

Our mission is to support and guide motivated students who are looking for a new career in the tech industry. We started our first program at the beginning of 2020 with the goal of helping as many students as possible.

Why Matrix Master

Certificate of Completion

A Completion certification will be given when you finish the program successfully. You will be guided to get an internship with one of our partner companies.

Learn from anywhere at anytime.

With the Matrix Master platform, you can study from anywhere and at any time. Just be online, bring your coffee and start coding.

From a Beginner to a Professional.

12 weeks of intensive courses with a coach until you reach a junior full stack developer. The program just required your commitment and williness.

50+ Courses.

Our program contains more than 50+ topics that giving in 12 weeks long. With each course, we have a special masterclass from a partner company that sharing its experience with us.

Shake hands.

80% of our graduate students have found internships or paid jobs. Together, we build your strong portfolio for a great future career.

Financial Aid.

Our program is completely free from charge. We are only asking for your consistency and motivation for 12 weeks.

In April 2020, Matrix Master & Stichting Mano have united together to open a world of web development for talented people with a bright future.

Matrix Master Group #10

September 2022

Submitted application in one year during COVID-19 crisis in The Netherlands.
Topics and courses in Web development with extra masterclasses from senior developers.
Students per program for 3 months.
Highly demanding program languages are giving in the course.

Our Journey

First, We began the Front-End program.

Frankly, the COVID-19 pandemic didn’t stop our passionate students, on the other hand, they smartly use their spare time to start building their career.
Despite the current situation, our students have worked hand in hand for almost every day to help each other.

Featured in

Because you deserve to be recognized.

Each quarter, starting from January 2023, we start a new course. Please enroll for an admission intake.