Your first step to become a developer.

Important to know before you apply

You don't need to have a background in IT to apply for the Matrix Program. Although, you have to meet the following requirements below.

Available for the next three months

Matrix Master is an organization that gives support to refugees and low-income/unemployed people who are looking for a new career in the tech industry in the area of South Holland, Especially Rotterdam. To finish the program successfully, you have to be available for 4-6 hours per day for the next three months.

You can speak and write in English.

Our Program and content are in English, especially the programming languages are fully in English. You have to spend most of your time reading, searching and studying in English.

Committing to finish the program

Before you attend our program, Ask yourself why you want to be a developer. Our program is intensive and needs a lot of time to cover and understand all the topics. Besides that, we aim to give our time to support you, let you achieve your goal, and find a job as a developer. It required motivation, commitment, and time to study.

Living in the province of South Holland ( Rotterdam )

Our masterclasses and meetings are in Rotterdam, you have to live in the area around South Holland and arrive at the class on time. Because we're presenting our program for free, we can't give any travel cost or allowance to students.


Here you can find the most fequently ask questions from students

We are running four Bootcamps per year. Every three months in January, March, June, and September. Make sure you apply for the program started. 

The duration of a Bootcamp is 12 weeks. Each Bootcamp consists of three courses. Approximately every course lasts 4-5 weeks and there is 1 week free between each course. 

The main program is focusing on JavaScript. JavaScript is the world’s most popular programming language. Used to control all elements of web browser and used to build backend and databases.

We are giving a class every day per course for 3 months. In between each course, you have one week as a free week to recap or prepare for the next course.

Per day, you have to attend two main meetings. One is the stand-up and it lasts only one hour and in the evening the main class which is for two hours. In between, you are on your own studying from our curriculum.

Our courses are for free. you have only to bring your motivation and commitment.

81% if our graduated students found either an internship or paid job. We will help you continuing your journey as a developer. Beside that, there is a possibility to help us guiding new students.

No, at all. This program is meant to be for students who don’t have any IT background. Of course, you have to finish the admission process in order to start with us.

Admission process

To be accepted into our program you have to apply the four steps.

Is this the career opportunity you’ve been waiting for?
Are you…
… a refugee or someone with a low income?
… a resident of the province of Zuid-Holland?
… looking for a chance to start a new career?
… interested in exploring the world of web development?
If you answered ‘Yes!’ to all of these questions and you have a basic level of Dutch,
then you’ll want to read this information and submit this form.


Apply online or send your CV to our registered form.



Eligible candidates will be called for an interview.



Candidates will do a test within two day, no coding experience are required.



Congratulation, you are accepted to be a Matrix Student. In the kickoff, you will get informed about the planning and the program

New admission starts in soon

Every three months, we are starting a new class. In January, March, June, and September. Make sure you have applied before the mentioned months above. Applying in between? then you have a high chance to start with the next available class.