About us

The demands of software engineers have been on the rise since the last decade and show no sign of stopping. Matrix Master is a program that guides motivated people to start with the tech industry specifically in Web development. The program is designed to help non-experienced students to become software engineers in approximately 12 weeks.

Matrix Master is a part of Code Matrix Zone, established in 2019. It is consisted of a group of inspiring developers who want to help smart refugee and low-income people from the Netherlands, to blend in the tech industry.

Matrix Master and Stichting Mano are working together to open the world of web development to a new group of people with promise and talent.

Every three months, we are starting a new class to teach people who need to start with Career as software engineer in the Netherlands.

Our main focus is to teach the MERN stack in three months. The MERN architecture allows you to easily construct a 3-tier architecture (frontend, backend, database) entirely using JavaScript and JSON.

MERN is : 

  • MongoDB – document database
  • Express(.js) – Node.js web framework
  • React(.js) – a client-side JavaScript framework
  • Node(.js) – the premier JavaScript web server

What makes us different?

Matrix Master runs nearly 4 Boot camps in a year, each Boot camp composed of 12 intensive weeks.

Nearly 81% of our graduated students found an internship or paid jobs, 5% have continued studying and 2% started as freelancers.  Of course, the program can guarantee you a positive result if you are proactive and consistent with your studies.

Bootcamp offered per year.
Within 12 weeks, we will be able to develop a Full Stack App.
Of our Students found interneship or paid job.
Topics are given about Front-end, Back-end, and Databases.
0 Euro
Is the cost of our program. We just ask for your commitment.

Meet the team

Abboud Mourd

Founder & Programs Manager

Aysenur Akca

Web Developer - Program trainer

Wissam Shujaa

Senior Web Developer - Program trainer

Ahmad Ajjawe

Web Developer - Program trainer

Bashar Essa

PR & Communication

Islam Al Tayeb

Web Developer - Program trainer

Join us for a bright career

We are offering 4 bootcamps per year. You can apply for the next one here.